Fiscal Cliff

I’m tired of hearing about the fiscal cliff.  Our political system is in shambles and we have no choice but to raise taxes and reduce spending.  I believe that we all need to pay higher taxes independent of how much money you earn.  We also need to implement austerity measures to begin to live within our means.

President Obama seems to equate being a millionaire to couples that earn more than $250,000 per year.  The last time that I checked, $250,000 doesn’t equal $1,000,000.  President Obama’s class warfare is bordering on absurdity.  I want my Children to go to college, work hard and aspire to be financially secure.  There is nothing wrong with being Rich!

I also believe that we need significant welfare reform.  Welfare recipients should be put to work to help boost their self esteem.  They can help repair roads and build bridges, which would help reduce the cost of infrastructure projects and give welfare recipients a sense of purpose.

We need to start a new political party.  I propose that we call it the Middle Party.  The party doesn’t care if homosexuals want to get married and believes that everyone needs to pay taxes.  The party would also support a flat tax with zero deductions.  It would also require that illegal aliens pay taxes and begin the path towards citizenship.  No more free rides!



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