Michigan Right-to-Work Victory for Workers

The Michigan legislature’s recent passage of legislation that gives workers the right to opt out of union membership is a major milestone for business and workers in Michigan.  Governor Rick Snyder communicated that the legislation would help improve Michigan’s ability to compete.

I find it quite curious that unions are afraid to have to prove their value in order to receive dues.  The union has a stranglehold on worker wages even if the employee doesn’t feel like being a member of the union or paying union dues.  The legislation empowers workers to avoid paying union dues without losing their jobs.  Unions have outlived their usefulness in this country and should focus on moving overseas where worker protections are non-existent.

President Obama made some really stupid comments regarding the passage of the legislation.  President Obama said that the legislation equated to “the right to work for less money”.  President Obama and his party are concerned that reductions in union revenue would result in less campaign contributions for the Democratic Party.

Michigan can use any help that the state can get.  Detroit is reminiscent of the zombie apocalypse portrayed in AMC’s The Walking Dead.  There are blocks of empty houses with crack addicts wandering the streets aimlessly.  I had the opportunity to live in Michigan in 2001 and the people of Michigan deserve more than the carnage left by the unions over the past 20 years.

The bottom line is the unions need to add value or they are not going to be funded in right-to-work states.  The days of carmakers paying full pay to people that report to a room to drink alcohol and watch television are over.

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