Semper Fi Mr. Hammar

The ex-Marine that has been languishing in a Mexican prison for the past four months has finally been freed.  Jon Hammar, age 27, was being held on a questionable firearm charge since August.  Mr. Hammar took an antique shotgun into Mexico after U.S. Customs and Border Protections told him that he could take into Mexico as long as it was registered with and that he paid a small fee / bribe to enter the country.  Upon crossing the border, Mr. Hammar was arrested for violation of Mexican gun laws.

Mr. Hammar will be home in time to spend Christmas with his family.  I’m appalled as to how long it took our government to get this devil dog released from a filthy Mexican prison.  To be more specific, the State Department should have gotten off its ass to help this Marine come home.  I guess the State Department was busy dealing with its failures in Benghazi.

Semper Fi and welcome home Marine!

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