“There is no privacy for man, except for that which is in his mind and heart.” chief technocrat

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Gives Green Light for Commercial Testing of Drones

on Monday the the FAA announced that a select number of state agencies and universities were authorized to operate sites for drone testing in the United States.  This action serves as the first step towards integration of drones into the aviation ecosystem in the United States.  The FAA Failed to commit the agency to a timetable that would authorize large scale use of commercial drones.

Six applicants were selected by the FAA to begin testing drones in select U.S. airspace.  The six authorized entities were the state of Nevada, Texas A&M University, commerce department of North Dakota, University of Alaska, a public airport north of New York City, and a joint venture between Rutgers University and Virginia Tech.

The ACLU has voiced concerns over the use of drones in U.S. airspace.  ACLU attorney Catherine Crump said “Someday drones will be commonplace in U.S. skies and, before that happens, it’s imperative that Congress enact strong, nationwide privacy rules.”

The NSA is listening to every phone call and voice mail and reading every email and electronic artifact that is created on our computer or that is sent over the internet.  Drones will add another dimension to our diminishing privacy in the United States.  It’s already possible for governmental agencies to view what is happening in our backyards, neighborhoods, and streets via satellite.  I guess you have nothing to worry about as long as you are not engaged in criminal activity that results in an electronic record created.  Low-tech criminals can sleep easy tonight.

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