Democrat Funded Professional Protestors Block Roads in Arizona

Dozens of professional protesters put public health and safety at risk by blocking a major roadway in Arizona. Shea Boulevard is a road that was being used by peaceful people to make their way to a planned Trump Rally. The crowd parked unregistred vehicles sideways on the roadway which resulted in drivers having to drive into oncoming traffic to get around them.

Joaquin Enriquez, of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, reported that a small number of people were arrested and deported as a result of the illegal protest. The protesters were arrested because they were breaking the law. Protesters that were protesting in a legal manner were left to protest the Trump rally.

The democratic party needs to refrain from hiring thugs to disrupt Trump rallies. It is really poor form to attempt to deny Donald Trump of his right to assemble. Maybe Bernie and Hillary will call of any future paid protest / disruption.

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