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Democrat Funded Professional Protestors Block Roads in Arizona

Dozens of professional protesters put public health and safety at risk by blocking a major roadway in Arizona. Shea Boulevard is a road that was being used by peaceful people to make their way to a planned Trump Rally. The crowd parked unregistred vehicles sideways on the roadway which resulted in drivers having to drive […]

Bernie Sanders and Democratic Party Surrogates Disrupt Trump Rally in Kansas City, Missouri

Trump Rally Update 7:57 EST. The Trump rally in Kansas City, Missouri was disrupted by Bernie Sanders and Democratic Party surrogates. The surrogates were sprinkled throughout the enthusiastic crowd. Trump asked that the disruptors with Bernie and Hillary signs be removed in a gentle manner. There also seemed to be a few hood rats disrupting […]

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matters Operatives Disrupt Trump Rally

Donald Trump’s campaign cancelled a rally in Chicago on Friday. A Melee broke out when Sanders, Clinton and Black Lives Matters operatives unleashed a menacing assault on Donald Trump supporters. It’s quite concerning that the media portrayed the City of Chicago as a zoo full of wild animals trying to kill each other. The Trump […]